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Keller & Michelle Wattum

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Keller & Michelle

Deckload Aviation is a small family owned and operated business. Keller Wattum was born into the world of flying, and has loved freedom it brings since he was a kid barely old enough to look over the panel of his dad’s airplanes. Over the years Keller has gained well over 10,000 flight hours, mostly in the skies over Alaska. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves sharing his experiences of growing up and flying in Alaska. In the off-season, he enjoys training to advance his helicopter rating. When not helping Keller manage Deckload Aviation, Michelle works for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a salmon and herring research biologist.

What does “Deckload” mean?deckload boat

Deckload Aviation initially started as a fish spotting business. “Deckload” is a term that fishermen use when the tanks that hold the fish on their boat are so full that fish are piled on the deck until they can be delivered to another boat or fish processing facility. Fishermen are paid by the pound for their catch, so fisherman with a “deckload” or “deckloaded boat” are very happy fishermen!